3 Ways You Can Upcycle and Upscale Your Home with Your Empty Candle Container by Candles by Fire

My name is Amber and I am the creator of Candles By Fire Candle Company. Our mission is to create eco-friendly and sustainable products that you can not only use but upcycle and continue to use even after your candle has made it through its last burn.

If you are a candle fanatic, you most likely have dozens of pretty candle containers lying around that you are unsure what to do with. Maybe you chose to throw them out or maybe you chose to recycle however, up-cycling is a sustainable and less energy sufficient option and we are here for all its benefits.
Before we get into how to upcycle lets briefly talk about how to remove the wax from your candle container as this will be your first step before you can up-cycle. Removing your candle wax from its container can vary depending on preference but after many years of up-cycling our candle jars, we have found the freezer method works best.
For the freezer method you would first need to place your candle container into the freezer for at least 2 hours. Once the remaining wax is frozen remove from the freezer and began to break up and carefully spoon the remaining wax on the bottom and place the wax in your favorite wax melter to use every bit of your favorite candle.
Lastly, you will wash your jar with warm soapy water until all wax and wick has been removed and your container is completely clean.
You are now ready to upcycle your favorite candle containers.

First way to upcycle your candle container

Are you a plant lover? If so, then you will adore this first up-cycle idea! We find this option works best for small plants such as cactus or other small succulents, however any small plant will do. For this Up- cycle project you will take your clean candle container and fill the bottom with tiny rocks but be careful
it only takes a little bit. Once your rocks are fully covering the bottom take your favorite little plant and place in jar while carefully packing soil all around to secure your plant in place. This is a perfect way to enhance your bedside dresser, table center piece, or add a little extra touch to that living room window.

Second way to upcycle your candle container
Our second option we find handy and can also help you save a little money is upcycling to desk and bathroom organizers. Ever wonder what to do with all those pens you keep losing or rolling around your desk, or how about those safety pens? Take your candle container and a small label printer and create
an organized desk space full of cute little containers. You can take your bathroom to the next level with your labeled candle containers and give it a minimalist look. For our amber jars we love to use them for our q-tips, makeup remover pads, and cotton balls.

Third way to up-cycle your candle container
This has to be our most used and favorite option. If you are like me you probably have encountered countless hair ties or clips lying around your counter tops, bathroom, nightstands, and vanity’s yet somehow we can never find one when in need. I have two girls and believe me they are constantly changing up their hair ties and tossing them to the nearest spot. I found our candle containers to be a cute way to store those hair ties. For us I have included a candle container in each one of their rooms that they have fully customized and restyled themselves.

Rather you are plant lover, looking to enhance your space, or just a mom trying to keep things simple yet stylish you can never go wrong with your left-over candle container.
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