Finding the Balance of Crafting and Income by Cambroidery

One of my favorite things about doing embroidery as a hobby is that it has brought me relaxation. I can turn on a TV show, take out my hoops and thread, and disconnect from the world around me. 

However, that state of relaxation has been harder to achieve as I turned my crafting hobby into an additional source of income while working full-time as a teacher.

More often than not, I come home from school feeling exhausted and decision fatigued, finding that even choosing what I want to eat for dinner can be a struggle.

I recently learned that teachers make over 1,500 decisions in the classroom a day!

So thinking about what to eat-  or what perfect shade of green DMC embroidery floss to use as the color of the leaves-  can prove more challenging than usual. Especially if I am feeling exhausted or having decision fatigue. I still feel the responsibility to create to keep up my supply of hoops so I can eventually (and hopefully!) make some extra money. 

Because of this, I decided to make a list of reminders for myself and ideas to
stay creative and motivate in crafting.

Reminder: Taking a break can be just as productive as working.

  • Am I really being creative or making my best work when I’m overwhelmed and rushing? I am a firm believer in the saying: “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” so if I need to take a break to refill my crafting cup to make better art and have more fun doing it, then that’s what it takes.

Reminder: You can switch up the project if you feel overwhelmed.

  • If I get frustrated with a hoop or falling into decision fatigue, often times I am re-energized by simply choosing a new project to work on. Maybe I need to start a new hoop, make some progress on a different one, or simply sketch or plan ideas for new hoops without actually stitching.
Reminder: I am always tougher on myself than anyone else.
  • Enough said. :-)

Reminder: Baby steps are still steps in the right direction.

  • I don’t need to spend multiple hours every night in order to be productive. I have learned that when I am not feeling enough motivation to continue crafting, I’ll give myself five-ten more minutes of working to decide if I want to continue stitching or stop. More often than not I will take a break, and that is okay! Taking one step forward is more progress than staying still.

I hope these reminders can help any fellow crafters out! I am definitely still learning how to balance everything (will there ever be a time where I have it all figured out??? Probably not, and that’s okay!) and learning how to be okay with the unbalance - it is a journey to say the least, but know you have fellow travelers along the way with you.

                                                                         -Camille of cambroidery
                                                                        @cam_broidery on Instagram
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So well put, Camille! Reminding yourself it’s ok to take a break is so necessary.


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