Seeking Inspiration in the Everyday Mundane by Inspiration Lately

We’re Sara and Andrea, owners, and makers of Inspiration Lately. We are a mother daughter team of makers who believe in seeking inspiration every day. We create handmade, meaningful, engraved and laser cut designs. Our creations will either bring you inspiration or help you to honor a part of your story that is important.

The name Inspiration Lately was born from a desire to find inspiration daily. Think of it as a mindset. Ask yourself: how do I seek inspiration in my everyday life? Whether that be something small like a beautiful leaf that falls to the ground or something bigger like the birth of a child or grandchild. Once you begin training your mind to seek inspiration daily, the inspiration comes flooding in. It is that very belief that seeps into every piece that we create. We love that when you see our work, you get to know a little about who we are as people. We believe in seeking inspiration. We believe in laughter. We believe in quality. We believe in connection. We believe in community. We believe in being inspiration-makers.


One of our favorite items to create is our handwritten recipe engraved cutting boards. A recipe passed down from generation to generation has such deep meaning. Some are even top secret! Do you have a handwritten recipe that is a staple at every Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe it’s a recipe that your mother made you whenever you made it home from college? The oldest recipe we have ever engraved was from 1905. It is truly inspirational to think about the families who have gathered in the kitchen baking, cooking, eating, laughing, and sharing advice over a meal. Just think of all the lives a family recipe has touched! 


After spending a few years growing Inspiration Lately, we recently made a big change. We, along with our families, are the new owners of River Bend Winery & Distillery! It’s a great fit for us because it allows us to foster our love of connection and community in a way we only could at vendor events before.  In fact, not only can you find our creations at Wisconsin Makers Market, but soon enough you will be able to find additional and different Inspiration Lately items in the tasting room at River Bend Winery & Distillery. We hope to see you at Wisconsin Makers Market and at River Bend soon. After all, seeking inspiration through community and connection is what it’s all about. 

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