Switching Gears by Cherry Tree Creatives

Hello!! My name is Bridget, maker/owner of Cherry Tree Creatives! I am a one woman shop (with the help and support of close friends and family) based in Central Wisconsin. I’ve always been creative and started my business in 2014 making wooden signs and home decor. My first sign was a key hook hanger that was donated to our local Humane Society. I was hooked and quickly expanded into other home goods - tea towels, drinkware and giftables. Life was good!

Fast forward to 2020, I was pregnant with my third child, in a pandemic and struggling to keep my business afloat. To close up my shop felt like I would lose such a large part of myself. I had to find a new medium. In early 2021, I was introduced to polymer clay and immediately fell in love!

A few months later I launched my first earring designs. Polymer clay is a synthetic form of modeling clay and is very versatile. Clay can be molded and reshaped until cured (perfect for a maker with a busy schedule). Once cured it is durable and incredibly lightweight. Most of my earrings weigh less than a quarter making them easy to wear all day especially for those with sensitive ears. In addition I use hypoallergenic metals including surgical grade stainless steel posts and 18% gold plated findings.

Caring for polymer clay is easy. Simply wipe away any makeup or residue with a damp paper towel. I draw inspiration from simple patterns, textures and colors found in everyday life. I feel giddy with each new design or color I create. Even more important to me is the feeling my customers have while wearing their earrings. I hope they feel inspired, confident, and beautiful!

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”

- Elizabeth Taylor

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