The Perfect Fall Girls' Night In | Cocktails + S'mores: by campHER

Hello, we are Allie + Meg, two hometown Wisconsin friends who are building a community of women who love to adventure and don't ever turn down a handcrafted cocktail!

campHER is more than just cocktails though, it's a sense of adventure and camaraderie, and we appreciate making memories out of the simplest of moments in life.  With the now crisp air, changing leaves, all the pumpkins, and of course, apple cider everything, we wanted to help you plan the perfect fall girls' night in! 

You will need our Campfire Cider cocktail infusion kit, hot apple cider for mixing, and all the ingredients for our favorite caramel apple s'mores recipe below. 

 Our Campfire Cider cocktail kit is the perfect combination of dried apples, sweetened orange slices, nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown sugar cubes, and is best sipped around a bonfire on a chilly night. 



All of our kits can be mixed with the alcohol of your choice but we're happy to offer our suggestions! Allie's favorite way to mix this kit is with amaretto and Meg's favorite way is with caramel vodka. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you could also drink it straight up, infused with Fireball. 

How it works:  Add 12 ounces of liquor to the infusion kit, refrigerate for 3 days (shaking often) strain, and mix 1.5 ounces with hot apple cider! 

Now let's make dessert! You'll need traditional graham crackers, sliced apples, marshmallows (more on that later!) and caramel for a drizzle.  We consider ourselves to be a little bit of marshmallow snobs... we are obsessed with a Minnesota based company - Northmallow - that has created the perfect marshmallow. The texture is so fluffy and they don't use any artificial ingredients.  They offer a Vanilla Bean or Caramel flavor that both work perfectly with this recipe! (Use code CAMPHER for 10% off your entire order.)   

What fall adventure are you looking forward to most?

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